About us

“Active tourism center EŽI” or just Eži is one of the leading

cooporative event providers in Latvia.


We love our job!

Eži employees enjoy working with people, organize and facilitate

events and they just love to spend active time outside in the nature.

Our specialisation is active tourism, outdoor life and working with

method ofExperiental learning.


Eži is a team!

Creative spirit, always searching for new ideas, realising crazy and

untraditional events are the things that describe us the best. The

incredible process of creating, shared values and expierience are

things that unites us.


Eži is a stable enterprise!

In 2010 we celebrated our companie's 10 year anniversary! We

believe this is an appropriate period of time to understandhow” 

andwhywe want to work.


Eži is customer-oriented enterprise!

Our values involve honest communication and equal attitutde

towards every client and project. Our prize is the satisfaction

and the clients references after every well-done project.


How and when it all began


In the year 2000, November 15, a company calledActive tourism

center Ežiwas created. In the spring of 2001 we opened 4 bicycle

rental points in Valmiera, Cēsis, Limbaži and Sigulda and offered a


unique to that time opportunity to rent a bicycle in Eži rental office and

return it in a different location. The plan was 'outrageous' ...unfortunately

at the end of the season 90% of bicycles where stolen. :) A year later

we organized our first significant recreational sports event for company

Microlink and starting from the year 2003, we organised and managed

more than two projects every weekend during the summer period.

The first big client in Team building programs was Statoil and they still

continue to be our faithful partners.

In the year 2007alongside all the usual event organising Eži where invited

to participate in many important, big projects like organising and facilitating

Strategic team race S2 and providing tehnical support for Nordea Riga


And so it all continues.