Loquiz is a new, strategic game created for orienteering

in an urban area. During the game, participants

are cruising thorough the city according to the indications

in the interactive map. The map illustrates a variety of

points that participants are required to attend in a certain

order. By reaching the particular location a question appears

on the device screen. This question either could be related to

your current location or it could be associated with some

kind of fact, event or a person. Answering the

question brings you to the next step. During the game you

can follow your teams location in your tablet.


The game can be adapted to your needs. Questions can be prepared about all kinds of topics. For example – about your company in general, specific project, special occasion or any other topic that is relevant for you.

Moreover, questions can also include a certain picture or even a video.


Game can be used:

- For Team building activities;

- As an opening or closing activity in a seminar or


- For a engrossing recreation;

- In Birthday parties;

- In order to make city sightseeing

more adventurous.


Benefits for the participants: 

  • Opportunity to spend a quality time

together with colleagues or friends;

  • Possibility to get to know the

surroundings in a more adventurous way;

  • Development of mutual communication;

  • Ability to sharpen logical and practical thinking by finding the correct answers to the questions


Team is created from 3-5 players;

maximum size of the group should not exceed 200 participants.

Everyone can play the game; there are no

special skills, knowledge or physical

strengths required.